Christchurch – seven years on

Ever wonder how Christchurch in New Zealand is recovering from the earthquakes they suffered? Environment Canterbury (eCan) is hosting a field day and a technical tour in late August to show firsthand some of the work they are doing in helping to rebuild Christchurch.

The field day will include live onsite talks, discussions, Q&A sessions and supplier demonstrations and the technical tour will view erosion and sediment control challenges around the Christchurch region, including environmental efforts as part of the earthquake recovery.

eCan is collaborating with the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Australasia and the New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT) in hosting these events as part of the 2018 Conference – "More blue, less brown and lots of green – when science and engineering come together in beautiful ways."

The conference will have two key note speakers, Kelie Pittaway and Craig Benson.

Kelie is an advocate for the development and recognition of environmental professionals and an avid supporter for diversity and women in industry. She believes that raising the profile of these key groups will drive ongoing improvement and successes for the projects delivering city changing projects and leaving legacies to be proud of. While design-build consulting and contracting in the Western U.S. has been an economic mainstay of Craig's career, the more interesting highlights of his career have included projects with indigenous peoples on several continents, including west Africa and south America.

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