What are we asking for?

Ensuring local government’s ongoing voting membership of other relevant Ministerial forums.

Why is it important?

With local government locked out of the National Cabinet, the three tiers of government now meet only once a year at the National Federation Reform Council.

This has reinforced the need for local government to be included on relevant ministerial forums that support national priorities – from housing affordability to reaching net-zero emissions.

Greater engagement with local representatives will ensure our communities emerge from the pandemic stronger, better connected, and more resilient.

A substantial body of research, from Australia and internationally, has highlighted that governments that work together are generally more successful in achieving shared national objectives, including economic recovery from events like the COVID-19 pandemic as well as in service and infrastructure delivery.

With local community input, our intergovernmental forums will work more efficiently, and their decisions will carry greater legitimacy and authority.

How would it support our communities?

As a member of the National Emergency Management Ministers’ Meeting (NEMM), the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) works closely with stakeholders to secure more disaster mitigation funding for local communities and to help prepare councils to respond to climate change risks.

ALGA’s strong advocacy for greater targeted funding support for local government resulted in the guidelines for the Preparing Australia Program being expanded to include all LGAs as well as an easing of co-contribution requirements.

Every dollar invested in disaster mitigation delivers significant environmental, economic and social dividends, including new jobs, stronger local economic growth, lower insurance premiums, and faster reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

We are keen to see this level of partnership continue, not just to assist recovery efforts but to support locally-led economic recovery, resilience and growth into the future.


Don't Leave Local Communities Behind

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Authorised by Matt Pinnegar, CEO, Australian Local Government Association, Canberra