Takeaways from the 2021 NSoA report | Rebuilding our visitor economy | LG workforce skills survey | ALGA News 13 December 2021

President's column

This past week, on your behalf, I met with the Prime Minister, Premiers, Chief Ministers, and Treasurers as part of the National Federation Reform Council, to ensure local government voices are heard at the national decision-making table.    I provided them with an overview of the significant efforts of local governments in 2021 to support communities dealing with the impact of COVID-19.   I also used+

National State of Assets 2021: Why more needs to be done

Two-thirds of all local government assets are in good condition and meet community expectations. Community infrastructure is also lasting longer, while the proportion of infrastructure assets in a poor state of repair has remained relatively constant. The findings are contained in the 2021 National State of the Assets (NSoA) Report published by the Australian Local+

Diversify, modernise, collaborate: advice on the visitor economy

Australia’s visitor economy needs to diversify its destinations, modernise assets, and collaborate for it to become a top-five export income earner, a new report has advised. An expert panel economy led by former federal tourism minister Martin Ferguson prepared the report, which includes a draft strategy “for the long-term recovery and sustainable growth” entitled Thrive+

National LG workforce and skills survey now underway

A national survey to help local government address current skill shortages and identify emerging and future skills needs began this week. Local governments are encouraged to complete the survey to enable a comprehensive analysis of the local government workforce. The survey is part of the Local Government Workforce and Organisational Capacity Project which has been+

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