Promote at ALGA’s Events

The Australian Local Government Association’s events attract representatives from Australia’s 537 councils spread across all states and territories.

Combined, these councils employ 194,000 people and manage non-financial assets valued at $457 billion. They provide an extensive range of services to residents and ratepayers – from pools, libraries, children’s playgrounds, and youth drop-in centres, to housing and community amenities, local roads, and bridges.

Councils also administer large procurement programs; they contract out services to large and small providers, maintain extensive equipment assets, and run substantial vehicle, road-making and landscape maintenance fleets.

ALGA’s events provide a unique opportunity for service and asset providers to engage with the people who influence this spending. This can be done either by sponsoring the event or by becoming an exhibitor.

To meet the people who influence how and where Local Government spends its multi-billion dollar yearly budgets is not difficult. However, to find them together in one place at one time is rare.

If you’re interested in promoting at ALGA’s events please have a look at the prospectus below, or contact us.