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State of the Regions Report 2018-19: Trade, Jobs, Growth and Inequality

The latest report prepared by National Economics (the Australian Institute of Economic and Industry Research) brings forth the data and analysis showing a growing inequality between metropolitan and remote/outer lying regions, when looking at the indicators of population, GDP, income from work, productivity and household disposable income. 

A detailed analysis of regional performance is provided across household wealth and income, construction, industry and employment, unemployment and social security take up.

Additional commentary is provided in relation to potential vulnerabilities from Chinese trade, with both indirect and direct exports of both goods and services considered for the 67 defined regions.  Insights are also provided into the energy sector, outlining electricity generation by fuel type by SOR region from both renewable and non-renewable fuel sources.

An overview of the finance sector and its role at the SOR regional scale is also provided, asking, “what should local government be looking for as [scrutiny and changes in the finance sector] plays out?”

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