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Newly Appointed CEO of Infrastructure Australia to Address NGA

ALGA is pleased to announce that Infrastructure Australia’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Romilly Madew has been confirmed as a speaker for NGA 2019. Her address will preview the organisation’s forthcoming release, the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit and what it means for local government.

The Australian Infrastructure Audit is an independent, national and cross-sectoral review of Australia’s infrastructure needs. It will strategically assess the drivers of future infrastructure demand, and identify challenges and opportunities for our infrastructure networks.

For local government, the Audit will focus on some of the emerging infrastructure challenges for the sector – from achieving objectives around active transport, to managing local roads, integrating new technologies in service delivery, and delivering efficient and sustainable water, wastewater and waste services.

For the first time, the Audit will include a focus on social infrastructure including health, education, social housing, and justice and emergency services. Local government can also expect the Audit to address the challenges in delivering community infrastructure such as parks, beaches, libraries, and arts and culture facilities, which are vital to the liveability of Australia’s growing communities.

Also of significant interest for local government will be the Audit’s cross-sector focus on improving community engagement, driving integrated infrastructure decision-making between levels of government, and ensuring sufficient infrastructure funding and financing to deliver improvements to services.

The 2019 Audit focuses on outcomes for users in terms of access, quality and affordability. Infrastructure Australia’s analysis will also consider of the differences in infrastructure provision and challenges based on geography, including fast-growing cities, small cities and regional centres, smaller towns, remote communities and regional areas.