Excel Power Pty Ltd Introduces Illumitrac

IllumiTrac is an Australian control and monitoring system designed specifically for sports fields, parks and other public places.

It can easily be added to existing installations to provide sophisticated control of floodlights and sprinklers and to monitor and report user billing, system failures, intruders etc.

Benefits for Facility Owners:

  • SMS control of all functions, for both facility owners and field users
  • Remote access with any Internet connected device 

  • No intervention required due to schedule changes 

  • Reduced wastage – lights don't come on until 
activated by the user 

  • Improved accountability – full log of all activity 

  • Reduced cost and response time – new users can 
be given access in a matter of minutes 

  • Improved security – change PINs as often as desired 

  • Simple installation and setup 

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia – readily 
available local support 

IllumiTrac is suitable for; sports fields, parks, tennis courts, community halls, clubhouses and public toilets. 


For more information on Illumitrac, call Excel Power today on 07 4638 7366.

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