Call to keep the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule accurate and up to date

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development recently wrote to its industry stakeholders about the importance of the National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS), an online Government initiative that brings together information on major infrastructure projects from all jurisdictions and across the three tiers of government.

The NICS was established in recognition of the benefits of transparency in the delivery of major publicly-funded projects, providing industry with a one-stop portal that collates all government infrastructure commitments in a single timeline of projects.

While the NICS is administered by the Department, the government agency responsible for procuring a project is required to ensure the information on the project, including planning and feasibility studies, is up to date. The Department has encouraged any councils that have procured infrastructure projects listed on the NICS to check the project information on the Schedule for currency.

Take a look at projects listed on the NICS at this link. If you have any questions about the NICS, the NICS team can be contacted on 1800 155 798 or