Written by A D Lang , Barrister and experienced local government lawyer, Horsley's Meetings: Procedure, Law and Practice 7th ed is the most comprehensive guide to meeting procedure in Australia. Each chapter contains an authoritative exposition and analysis of the relevant cases and legislation, followed by helpful guidelines, checklists and suggestions for the conduct of meetings. The book examines the law and practice of meetings of bodies generally, including local government councils.  Significant cases such as Myer Queenstown Garden Plaza Pty Ltd v City of Port Adelaide illustrate the importance of council officers understanding the legal requirements for a properly conducted meeting and what can go wrong if these requirements are not met. In addition to the applicable statutory provisions of the various Local Government Acts, council officers need to be familiar with the general legal rules and principles for the conduct of meetings. An understanding of correct meeting procedure is equally important for those chairing and participating in council and committee meetings. Failure to follow the appropriate rules and procedures when conducting the meetings of local government bodies can have serious (and expensive) consequences.

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