2016 NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Partners in an Innovative and Prosperous Australia

The NGA Registration Brochure is now available, download your copy here.

Under the theme Partners in an Innovative and Prosperous Australia, delegates at this year's National General Assembly of Local Government (NGA) will look at the many ways local government is being innovative both here and overseas. As a responsive, pragmatic and dynamic level of government, councils innovate with technology, with their resources and in practical ways within their organisations and communities.

The NGA brings our sector together providing a platform for thought provoking discussion and serious consideration of the development of policies on issues of national significance. This year, the NGA will celebrate and examine the key role of local government in helping to build the economy and sustainable communities of the future. Through the NGA, delegates will be able to learn from the ideas and experiences of other councils and gain valuable ideas for their own councils.

Local government is a pragmatic and hands-on level of government.  Our focus is the provision of services, infrastructure, planning and coordination at the local level.

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