President’s column

The ALGA Board this week held its quarterly meeting, with a focused discussion and review on the progress of implementing ALGA's 2014-17 Strategic Plan and on ALGA's priorities.

The Board agreed on some necessary adjustments to ALGA's priorities to place more emphasis on innovation, digital transformation and productivity. These adjustments reflect key emerging issues and the need for cultural and technological change to ensure innovation is central to the way government operates and uses technology to deliver better quality services.

That is not to say that local government is not already embracing digital transformation. For a while now, many councils have implemented digital strategies to make their operations more efficient to meet the increasing demand from their communities who wish to access information online. However, adding these key focus areas to ALGA's priorities ensures that the sector is engaged in any process of digital transformation reform, and highlights our continued commitment to connect, collaborate and provide better services to our communities in innovative ways.

During the meeting, the ALGA Board also finalised details of ALGA's election plan and considered other election initiatives including our advocacy strategy and the need for close coordination and collaboration with state and territory local government associations.  

Our key election priorities remain focused on Financial Assistance Grants and infrastructure and the Board has also agreed on an advocacy timetable which ensures we are ready for an early election if necessary. The Federal Election of 2016 will be hard fought, with many competing proposals from all quarters. By working together with state and territory associations and, through them, councils, we can maximise the impact and prospect for our election priorities to be embraced. 


Mayor Troy Pickard
ALGA President