Join the national charge!

The RECHARGE Scheme Australia Limited (RSA) charity supports Councils to provide a more accessible environment for people who use electric mobility wheelchairs and scooters. This includes designated power points for people to recharge their scooter or wheelchair battery.

Users of the RECHARGE Scheme™ tell us they feel increased safety, social connection and improved well-being. They no longer isolate themselves through fear they will be stranded by a flat battery.

The RECHARGE Scheme™ commenced in Victoria in 2006 and is expanding nationally. There are over 700 registered RECHARGE Point™ locations. Key businesses and organisations proudly bear the RECHARGE Scheme™ logo at their premises.

Affiliate Councils can facilitate Recharge Points™ within their own facilities and suitable local businesses. Councils joining the National Pilot Scheme before July 2016 qualify for an introductory membership discount price of $1300 (ongoing cost after 12 months is $300 per annum).

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