Regional Equity and Development

The ALGA 2014-17 Strategic Plan identifies work on improving local government funding as a strategic priority.


Sound economic and regional development is fundamental to the wellbeing of Australian communities and effective local government participation and engagement is vital to the success of regional initiatives.

Local government is a democratically-lected level of government which operates across Australia. Local government services and infrastructure play an important role in supporting the social and economic development of Australia’s local and regional communities. 

ALGA seeks to promote local government strategic alliances to advance the development of under-performing regions. ALGA is working to ensure that the Commonwealth adopts a National Local Government Regional Development Policy which supports all Australian regions. 

ALGA belives that local government must be consulted by other levels of government about the future of regions and in the development of their regional development policies and programs. 

Each year ALGA works with National Encomics to publish an annual State of the Regions Report. This report contains a detailed analysis of the economic performance of Austalia’s regions and discusses the issues affecting every Australian region. 

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