NSW Transport Infrastructure Leaders summit
27-28 September, Sydney

Ahead of the 3rd Annual NSW Transport summit, Transport IQ interviewed Peter Trueman, Industry General Manager – Transport Infrastructure.

In this exclusive article, Peter shares how John Holland innovates in project delivery despite accelerated completion targets set by government, focusing on which risks and issues they address early on and their emphasis on collaboration

Read the article to learn more about:

  • How John Holland manages risk and improves efficiency at the same time for major infrastructure such as Sydney Metro Northwest STC & OTS projects & WestConnex 1B
  • Overcoming complex design requirements as projects become more urban (such as WestConnex M4-M5 connection)

To find out more about the NSW Transport Infrastructure Leaders summit taking place 27-28 September in Sydney, will bring together transport infrastructure leaders from the local, state and federal Government including Transport for NSW, City of Sydney, Sydney Metro Delivery office and many more, click here to download the full agenda.

I hope you enjoy the article.