27th ARBB Conference – Early bird registration is now open!
16th-18th November 2016 | Melbourne, Australia

The ARRB Research Conference creates the opportunity for road and transport professionals to share and explore the latest ideas, knowledge and technologies in order to maximise the total economic and social benefit of road infrastructure.

The 27th Conference in this series is to explore infrastructure and its associated technologies in the context of the reasons for which the roads exist and the users for whom they exist.

 The theme of the conference is therefore: LINKING PEOPLE, PLACES & OPPORTUNITIES.

The ARRB Conference provides a perfect platform to share knowledge and technical insights from national and international government and industry perspectives. In order to create greater opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas amongst delegates, the conference and the 38th Australasian Transportation Researchers’ Forum (ATRF) will run in parallel with one another at the same venue.