Did you miss our webinars on turning templates? Don't worry you can purchase the recordings!

Turning templates – A beginners' guide: Learn how to use 2013 turning path template

This webinar will help apply the templates in the decision making process of:

  • Designing of new intersections
  • Granting access to vehicles on existing roads
  • Correct template choices
  • Step-by-step demonstrations using AutoCAD & printed design layout

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Road and intersection design principles using swept paths

The pre-recorded session covers the effective use of the Austroads Turning Path Templates at a more advanced level.

This webinar covers the use of turning templates in design and access approvals, including:

  • roundabout design
  • reversing manoeuvres
  • complex intersection design (i.e. compound curves, effect of crossfall)
  • what to do when you don't have a template for the vehicle you want to assess
  • the mechanics of turning vehicles, including effects of speed and the time taken to achieve turning angles

Purchase this recording now for $55, click here.