Don't replace your R22 system, make it perform better and last longer


Creating Many Firsts

TdX20 loves creating firsts. The first non-flammable replacement to deliver energy efficiency. The first to provide an impressive ROI. And the first alternative to provide a product warranty.

Global production of R-22 is dwindling and prices are rising. Coming regulations could mean that high GWP refrigerants like R-410A may also soon be phased out. TdX20 not only works with your current equipment, it makes your current equipment work better and last longer.

Key points of interest for TdX20: 

  • Produces an average energy saving of 5-25% per month on your energy bill
  • True drop-in replacement with no oil or metering device change required
  • Significant decrease in carbon footprint
  • ASHREA approved alternative for R22, R404a & R507a and also replaces R407c and R438a
  • GWP 1650
  • ODP 0

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