Treating Crash Locations

Join us for an online training series January to March 2017.

ARRB is proud to present a six-part online learning series on the investigation and treatment of sites where crashes have occurred. This activity is an integral part of a road agency's road safety strategy, having been in effect and further developed since the 1980s in many developed countries around the world.

The course will discuss the identification of crash sites using local criteria and their investigation using a time honoured 'step by step' process. Causation and contributory factors are identified, which enables the pertinent countermeasures to be determined and tested for their appropriateness.

Students will also learn what guidance and resources are available, including the long standing, but recently revised Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 8: Treatment of crash locations.

Each session is practically focused, containing real life case studies and examples, and has a component to be completed back in the workplace and this may involve a short quiz, activities, reading materials and participation in discussion boards online.