President’s column

Next week, the ALGA Board will come together for a two-day strategic planning meeting to review ALGA’s strategic plan, discuss the possible implications of Government policies introduced in the past year, and also address a number of other strategic issues. This important meeting will help guide ALGA's ongoing advocacy work with each priority reviewed, clear strategies agreed and new items considered.

This meeting is also part of the process of developing an ALGA 2017-20 Strategic Plan and associated action plans. This plan will determine the priorities, strategies and the focus for ALGA’s activities, resources, and action taken on strategic opportunities. ALGA’s current 2014-17 Strategic Plan and priorities are available on the ALGA website.

The period 2014-17 was politically complex and a busy time for ALGA, and while significant progress was made on a number of important issues there are still many issues that require ongoing work, such as the Government’s proposed value capture approach to funding new infrastructure. 

Value capture has been raised as part of a discussion about the future of Australia’s infrastructure funding pool. In the Government’s discussion paper released on 16 November 2016, there is an assumption that increased land value directly associated with an infrastructure project will increase rate revenue for local government and that some, or all, of this increased revenue should be used to fund that infrastructure project. 

It is important that we ensure that any infrastructure funding mechanisms are equitable and do not shift the burden onto local councils and their communities. ALGA has sought the views of state and territory local government associations and developed a submission in response to the Government’s value capture discussion paper. ALGA’s submission was provided to the Government today and can be accessed on the ALGA website.


Mayor David O’Loughlin

 ALGA President