Give your staff back their time

If timesheet management is costing your organisation a fortune in time and money, then it’s time to check out a whole new way of doing things with elementTIME from Adroit Creations. We provide an easy to use solution – quickly, easily and affordably.

Built specifically for government organisations, elementTIME offers:

  • Quick set up – a solution that is ready in minutes, not months
  • Minimal training – intuitive, clean design so staff are up and running quickly
  • No extra pressure on IT – free product support included
  • Process management ready to go – built-in scheduling and shift management, entitlement tracking like TOIL, overtime, allowances and RDO
  • Scalability – any device and any size organisation
  • Automation – fully configurable rules and SMS notifications
  • Flexibility – no crazy contract or lock-in period

You can try it now and give your staff back their time.

Join our webinar and get a free 30-day trial.