Are you an elected council member? Please read this…

ALGA is urgently seeking your support to end the freeze on indexation to Financial Assistance Grants (FAGs) by contacting your federal representative via ALGA’s campaign website.

ALGA initiated this campaign to ensure the Australian Government honours its commitment to councils and restores indexation to FAGs payments in this year’s Federal Budget.

At the time of publishing this ALGA News edition, there have been 63 emails sent to federal representatives via the site.

ALGA needs your assistance to drive this number up and reach more federal representatives.

The email for your federal representative has already been written for you, all you have to do is enter your details and hit send – it’ll take less than 5 minutes:

If you could do this today, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s important that these emails get to your federal representatives before Tuesday 28 March.

Remember that, to date, our sector has not received a firm guarantee that the Government will indeed restore indexation to FAGs in the upcoming budget, so we must take a stand now to ensure they keep their promise.

We hope you can help support the campaign.