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This year's State of the Regions report

This is the 20th State of the Regions Report. The Report is commissioned by ALGA and prepared by National Economics.

This year's report revisits the critical question of boosting regional economic productivity. It examines the levers that can drive growth and thereby assist to tackle the growing inequality found in parts of Australia. This year’s report continues to build on the accumulated knowledge of previous State of the Regions to provide a coherent framework for analyzing the challenging task of contributing to sustainable regional development and what this means for all levels of government.

The report includes a discussion of the Productivity Commission’s Initial Report into Transitioning Regional Economies and updates the typologies used to describe Australia’s regions.   It updates our knowledge of the diverse industry structures and regional economic base of Australia’s 67 regions, and provides a commentary on regional aspects of the state of income transfers between regions, housing and construction, employment and skills and local government finance.

This year’s report also includes chapters on the growing significance of Intelligent communities, cyber security and energy.

The report provides extensive data for regions covering all of Australia, that includes a chapter on the aggregated regional indicators for the nation, as well as the metropolitan regions of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, and Northern Australia.

The main report is 198 pages. The Appendices is 345 pages.

Chapter outlines include:

  1. Trade and Regional development;
  2. Raising Incomes by Raising productivity;
  3. Industry structure and regional economic base;
  4. Income transfers between regions including benefits;
  5. Employment and Skills;
  6. Intelligent Communities;
  7. Protect Your Data with an information secure culture;
  8. Housing and Construction;
  9. Energy;
  10. Local Government Finance
  11. Metro Regions


Appendix 1 – Comprehensive Regional Indicators for 67 regions

Appendix 2 – Aggregated Regional Indicators

Appendix 3 – Core Indicators in region order

Appendix 4 – Index of LGAs and Region Membership

Appendix 5 – Indicator Explanations



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