Public Venue and Soft Target Security Summit 2017

Australia's Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism places the responsibility for owners and operators to assess the vulnerability of their sites and protect it against a potential terrorist attack. 

Strategies in the nation-wide toolkit will also be explored through key case studies at the upcoming Public Venue and Soft Target Security Summit including:

  • Commonwealth Games: Hardening strategies for existing venues and events, identifying vulnerability and implementing effective protective security 
  • Victoria Police: Mitigating security risk and exploring the partnerships that can be built between pubic and private sector stakeholders to better protect crowded places
  • Vivid Sydney: The challenges of open street events and developing procedures to plan for the worst case scenario
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground: Protection in sporting events and changing your organisation's risk and threat assessments to be fully prepared
  • Marriott Hotels: Training security staff to identify and report suspicious activity, and scenario planning if the hotel is the target

 View the latest agenda here.

Join confirmed attendees from Bayside Council, Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands, Bendigo Stadium, Regional Facilities Auckland, Sydney Trains, Transport NSW, VIC Police, NSW Police and more.

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