Meet a revolutionary: Wrightspeed – challenging the status quo

When Tesla began, Ian Wright was the Engineer at its heart. In 2005 he founded Wrightspeed, building turbine powered electric drivetrains for the commercial vehicle industry.

He's a revolutionary whose innovations are taking hold all over the world and you can meet him at ComVec 2018.

ComVec is the heavy vehicle industry's biennial national conference covering future technology, innovation, government policy, vehicle standards and regulations, at Melbourne Park Function Centre on Thursday 12 & Friday 13 April.

Follow Ian's uncompromising journey to develop more efficient means to power heavy vehicles. Where better to start than with city buses and waste removal trucks.

Ian will share his inspiring experiences and how they led to Wrightspeed; he'll talk about his current projects including looking at its applications and the challenges to make it work.

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