New Australian Women in Emergencies Network

Women working in emergency management have been invited to register their interest in joining the new Australian Women in Emergencies (AWE) Network.

The AWE Network has identified an exciting opportunity to help promote, celebrate and support the strengths, skills and insights that women bring to disaster resilience and emergency management through the establishment of the new network.

Membership of the network will be available to all women who are interested in, have experience in or work in emergency management. This includes women in local government.

While emergency management in Australia remains a largely male-dominated sector, women are making an increasingly significant contribution to building disaster resilience through their work in the sector in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters. There are few networks within the emergency management sector that reflect the views and experiences of women, and few available that encourage, support and mentor women in the sector.

The AWE Network will provide a unique opportunity for women from across communities and organisations that work in or are affected by disaster resilience and emergency management to come together to:

  • celebrate and promote the skills and strengths of women in emergencies and disasters
  • be a platform for women’s voices to be heard
  • support young women entering and working in the disaster resilience and emergency management sector
  • provide a forum for cooperation and collaboration
  • provide networking and partnership opportunities
  • provide an avenue to share information and experiences
  • encourage gender equity in all areas of disaster resilience and emergency management

To register your interest in joining the Australian Women in Emergencies Network please email them by 13th April 2018.