Austroads calling for council comments on Temporary Traffic Management Practice guide

Austroads is continuing to develop the guide series for Temporary Traffic Management Practice in consultation with ALGA and various other industry stakeholders.

This guide will sit alongside the Australian Standard AS1742.3 and provide comprehensive national guidance for all practitioners operating in Temporary Traffic Management. The format for the Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice was developed based on the New Zealand Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management. The NZ Code demonstrated a more holistic consideration of all matters relating to temporary traffic management including guidance, training, accreditation and policy.

In addition to the Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Practice, the previously-developed National Training for Temporary Traffic Management will also be reviewed, updated and restructured. It is planned that the entire guide will be published by June 2019.

Interested council officers should subscribe to this project and contribute technical comments towards the drafts as they are published.

There are currently two parts open for public comments which are:

Part 2: Traffic Management Plan (TMP) – Identifies and details preferred Australian and New Zealand practice to be applied for in development of the Traffic Management Plan.

Part 8: Traffic Controller Instructions – Identifies and details preferred Australian and New Zealand practice to be applied by Traffic Controllers when undertaking manual traffic control.

The industry comment period closes on Monday 30 April 2018.

The drafts of the guide and document review templates can be downloaded here.

If you have any queries with regards to this guide, please send an email to the project manager Dan Sullivan at