Does your council play recorded music in public? Read this.

The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited (PPCA) has advised that it will increase tariff rates for all new licences and/or renewals from 1 July 2018. This increase is based on the movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) since the last increase for each tariff and generally equates to around 1.9%.

PPCA is a non-profit organisation that provides licences to Australian organisations to play recorded music in public. The net fees are distributed to record labels & registered Australian artists who create the recordings.

Copies of the CPI-adjusted tariffs are available on the PPCA website at this link.

PPCA also advised that licensees have the right to make an application to the Copyright Tribunal under s.108 and s.151 of the Copyright Act for an order determining the licence fee applicable to their individual users. Those provisions can be viewed here.

More information is available on the PPCA website.