5 mins with… Warren Overton (CEO, Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Limited)

Warren Overton, CEO Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Limited, has more than 20 years’ experience in government, education, not-for-profit, and the private sector. He has worked in government policy and program delivery, facilities management, sustainability consulting and association management which has provided him with a broad experience base.

Warren is also an experienced trainer, facilitator and public speaker with a passion for sustainability and innovation.

Warren joined the ANZRP in February as their new CEO and previously held senior executive roles with Sustainability Victoria and the Australian Glass and Glazing Association as well as being co-founder of several companies working in the sustainability sector.

Here’s his five-minute chat with ALGA:

What is some exciting news in your sector that you’d like to share with local government?

E-waste recycling is going from strength to strength. The National Television and Computer Recycling program recycled over 50,000t of computers, televisions, printers and computer peripherals last year. Community awareness is growing and more people are taking advantage of this industry-funded free service.

Why do you think collaboration is important in the local government sector?

Waste management is a complex issue with stakeholders from all different areas, and local government is a central player. Collaboration is vital to ensure we have the most effective and efficient systems in place that meet community expectations, achieve environmental outcomes, and do so while reducing costs

What do you think are the best outcomes of collaboration?

The age old win-win, or should I say win-win-win-win-win. In many situations there are mutual goals or at least great synergies that can be tapped in to. If we can focus on how we can work together, combined with some innovation and flexibility, we can achieve some amazing things.

Do you see/perceive there are any differences between how metropolitan groups collaborate compared to non-metro areas?

I’d say the non-metro areas collaborate a lot more, which is driven by necessity, to achieve the scale required to deliver good outcomes.

What are you most looking forward to when coming to Canberra and the Regional Forum in June?

Learning more about the real issues being faced by councils and at the same time where the opportunities are. And of course the Canberra weather – I lived there for 17 years and miss the cold frosty morning and sunny blue skies.

If you were able to learn one piece of valuable information about local government that would make your job easier, what would that be?

What the areas of similarity are between different councils and also between different services offered by councils.

Warren will be presenting in the Regional Showcase session at this year’s Regional Cooperation and Development Forum about TechCollect and other initiatives involving local government collaboration in the t.v./computing recycling industry.

Find out more about what will be discussed at the Regional Forum, and register, at this link.