Local drug action teams more than doubled across Australia

The Australian Government and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) have announced an additional 92 Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs), adding to the current 80, to prevent alcohol and other drug harms at a grass-roots level.

The Local Drug Action Team Program supports organisations to build or extend partnerships in their community and use local knowledge to deliver evidence-informed alcohol and other drug harm prevention projects, that are tailored to the needs of their local area.

The locations for the third round of LDAT can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

The ADF’s CEO Dr Erin Lalor said it’s great to see such a strong response from the community.

“We received a large number of applications across Australia, showing communities feel they are in a strong position to take a proactive role in preventing alcohol and other drug-related harms,” Dr Lalor

The total number of LDATs across Australia is now 172, with more than 1,000 organisations committed to the program.

LDATs receive an initial $10,000 of funding from the Australian Government and are supported by the ADF to finalise a Community Action Plan.

Dr Lalor welcomed the latest successful applications into the program.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for community partnerships to use local knowledge and build evidence-informed initiatives to prevent alcohol and other drug related-harms in their communities,” Dr Lalor said.

“The Local Drug Action Team Program recognises that all local areas are different and that community-led initiatives are critical when it comes to preventing harms caused by alcohol and other drugs, including crystal methamphetamine (“ice”).”

The LDAT Program is part of the Australian Government’s investment of $298 million over four years und National Ice Action Strategy.

For more information about the LDAT program, please visit www.adf.org.au/ldat.