Using technology to make trucks safer

The Staysafe Committee of the NSW Parliament has tabled its report into heavy vehicle safety technology and the holiday road toll, Albury MP Greg Aplin, Chair of the Committee, announced.

“We found that the use of technology is already making trucks safer, but there is much work to do to encourage the take-up of new technologies and to clarify regulations,” Mr Aplin said.

The Committee made eight recommendations for improving the regulation of safety technology, and encouraging its early take-up, as well as refinements to the road safety strategy.

“An examination of technology always focuses on the cutting edge, but there are many simple, proven technologies already available which will make significant road safety improvements,” Mr Aplin said.

The Committee emphasised the need for heavy vehicle safety to be considered in a national framework.

“New South Wales is a through state,” Mr Aplin said, “so it is essential that the Commonwealth and the states agree to work together to make sure heavy vehicles are as safe as possible, no matter where they are registered.”

The Committee also examined the recent spike in the holiday road toll in New South Wales.

“The spike is alarming,” Mr Aplin said, “and we must be certain our response is well-informed and evidence-based.”

The Committee recommended the current strategy be refined by focusing more on safe driving on country roads, safe driving around trucks, driver distraction, and better management of roadworks.

“We will all be watching our road safety performance closely to make sure the great gains we have made in recent years are not reversed,” Mr Aplin said.

For more information on the report go to the Staysafe Committee website at: