Early payment of Financial Assistance Grants

The Federal Government has this week announced an early cash injection of almost $1.2 billion under the Financial Assistance Grants (FAGs) program, which is 50 per cent of the 2018-19 FAGs funding.

"This early cash injection of more than $1.2 billion will allow councils to start work straight away on new projects and to benefit from additional interest on cash in the bank," Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government John McVeigh said.

"These vital funds support local government to deliver the infrastructure and services communities need across Australia, such as critical transport, health, recreation, environmental and employment projects."

Dr McVeigh said supporting local councils to provide essential services to Australians is a key priority for the Government.

"We recognise the importance of giving councils the power to determine local priorities in their region," Dr McVeigh said.

"Under the Financial Assistance Grants program, councils have access to untied funds to allow them to spend the money according to local needs.

"The Government also supports local councils through a range of other targeted funding programs including Roads to Recovery, Bridges to Renewal, the Building Better Regions Fund and Regional Growth Fund."

More information about the Financial Assistance Grant program, including funding being made to individual councils across Australia, is at: www.regional.gov.au/local/assistance