Turning food waste into compost gold: Urban composting symposium to reveal latest research

While local councils across Australia have begun trialling alternatives to landfilling household food waste, Swinburne University of Technology has been conducting research comparing kerbside food waste collection and offsite composting with medium-scale onsite composting.

The preliminary findings of this three-year research project will be presented at an upcoming symposium in Hawthorn, VIC.

The Urban Composting Symposium will showcase the latest research on urban composting solutions, covering kerbside collection to onsite composting for multi-unit developments, offices and hospitality spaces.

The event will feature key speakers from Swinburne, the University of South Australia, industry, and government.

“Millions of tonnes of food waste ends up in council landfill in Australia each year,” says Dr Vivienne Waller, who is leading Swinburne’s urban composting project.

“If that food waste could be easily converted into a valuable product, we could save hundreds of millions of dollars in annual levies and reduce the amount of methane released from landfill into the atmosphere.”

To register visit: http://www.swinburne.edu.au/events/departments/research/2018/09/urban-composting-research-symposium.php