The future of customer experience in local government

The future of a customer’s experience with local government is transforming. Two people at the forefront of this shift are Malcolm Angell, Manager of Customer Contact at City of Gold Coast and Kirrily Rowan, Manager of Customer Service at Toowoomba Regional Council.

“The future of customer service in local government is to ensure you understand your community and design your services with the customer in mind,” Kirrily says.

Malcolm agrees and adds, “The future looks ‘digital’ for local government. A ‘single view’ of a customer is the Holy Grail. Technology is gradually allowing us to move towards this state.”

Local governments are making steady progress towards achieving higher rates of satisfaction through single views of the customer.

“Our new Local Government Platform (LGP) went live last month,” commented Malcolm. “The project has been one of the largest IT implementations in Australia. It will allow us to better manage and track customer requests and applications, as well as providing significantly enhanced digital/on-line/self-service functions for our customers.”

Meanwhile, Toowoomba’s latest program, the Customer Experience Assurance program, assures councils are listening to customers, checking on delivery against promises as well as seeking feedback from customers throughout their journey. Kirrily remarks that it ensures they are capturing their satisfaction levels and using feedback to continuously improve.

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