ACCC reviewing AgStewardship’s application to re-authorise programs

Local governments and interested parties are invited to make a submission to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)’s review of an application for re-authorisation of AgStewardship’s drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs.

These programs provide for the collection of used, unwanted, empty agricultural and veterinary chemical containers and chemicals, funded by a voluntary levy on manufacturers and suppliers of the chemicals.

AgStewardship’s current application seeks re-authorisation of the arrangements for a further five years and seeks to increase the levy, which has been 4 cents per litre/kg since it was first imposed in 1999, to 6 cents per litre/kg. No further changes are proposed to the authorised conduct.  

ALGA is consulting with state and territory local government associations to prepare a submission from a national perspective. Councils may wish to make their own submission, or contact their relevant state or territory association in the first instance if wishing to contribute their comments and case studies.

More details can be found on ACCC’s website