Human Rights and Technology Project and Consultation

New technology – and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – are having a dramatic societal impact. Globally, efforts are underway to respond to this and an Australian perspective is important.

The Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Edward Santow, has launched a major project that will focus on responsible innovation. This involves meeting Australia’s international commitments to protect human rights alongside the pursuit of technological advances in driving our economic growth and social development.

The project is currently in its first phase of consultation and the Commission has welcomed the expertise and input of councils and state/territory local government associations.

The Commission has launched an Issues Paper to inform and guide the consultation. It can be found at

Following this initial consultation, the Commissioner will prepare a discussion paper that will analyse the feedback they receive and present possible solutions.

A final report, which is intended to be release later next year, will set out recommendations for reform.

For any enquiries on the project, please contact