Do you have a bright idea to get Australians moving?

Who needs to get moving? The answer is, all of us! Physical inactivity remains a huge problem in Australia with 50% of adult Australians and only 1 in 5 children meeting the national physical activity guidelines.

The Heart Foundation, funded by the Australian Government, knows that getting more Australians to do more physical activity is vital to building heart health and reducing the risk of heart disease, currently Australia’s biggest killer.

On a local level, being more active makes communities healthier, happier and more connected.

If your council has a great idea to get your community active, submit a 2-minute video, or 250 words, outlining the barriers to physical activity and your innovative idea to overcome them.

Finalists will be invited to explore their idea further and pitch it in a public forum. Up to eight grants of $10,000 are available to help bring the idea to life.

Find out more on the Heart Foundation website.