There’s no excuse for abuse

Our Watch has launched a new campaign, No Excuse for Abuse.  
The campaign aims to raise awareness of non-physical abuse and encourage the community to recognise it as serious and inexcusable. It covers financial abuse, social abuse, emotional and/or psychological abuse, spiritual abuse, technological abuse and stalking.
The campaign is targeted at women and men aged 20-30. Research shows that this group are significantly more likely to find non-physical forms of abuse difficult to recognise.  
Understanding what constitutes violence (including physical and non-physical) is crucial to ensure that the community challenges the condoning of all forms of violence.
You can see the campaign here and click on each scenario to watch the videos and read more information.  

A non-physical abuse resource pack for practitioners will be available soon. This will include seven narrative stories that can be used to demonstrate and explore non-physical forms of violence and the link to the gendered drivers of violence outlined in Change the story. If you would like to receive a copy of the resource pack, please email Cuong La at Our Watch. 
The No Excuse for Abuse campaign will run online until June 2019. It is an initiative of Our Watch and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.