ALGA federal election advocacy focus: Advocacy kits

ALGA and state/territory local government associations have made it simple for councils to pitch in to the federal election advocacy happening at the national level by preparing a federal election advocacy kit, which is available at

We encourage use of the key theme ‘All Politics is Local’. This theme highlights that all politics comes down to local people and communities and it is perfect to draw attention to the federal election priorities of local government.

Support of our sector’s advocacy efforts is critical and we urge councils to lend their voice to the sector’s call to all federal political parties to respond to ALGA’s election initiatives, and in particular, our push for Financial Assistant Grants that are at least 1 percent of Commonwealth tax revenue.

If we can get enough federal representatives and candidates championing our local priorities, we can ultimately get support from the government and more projects delivered for our communities.

An advocacy kit is also available for state/territory local government associations here: