$163m funding to support newly arrived migrants and refugees

A total of $163.4 million in Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) grants have been announced – funding which will assist newly arrived migrants and refugees to form a stronger connection with their new communities in their first five years in Australia.

Federal Minister for Social Services, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, said 79 organisations across the country will be funded to deliver services in engagement and integration for newly arrived migrants and refugees.

“The SETS program is about helping reduce barriers for migrants so they can fully participate in employment and the community more generally,” Mr Fletcher said.

“People settling in Australia have much to contribute to our society. It is critical that we give them every opportunity to succeed and be part of a stable, prosperous economy.”

SETS replaces the Settlement Grants program which had been in place for more than 10 years.

This program fills a gap in the post-arrival period for eligible migrants who do not have family and community support to rely on.

The grants fund activities that are focused on families and individuals and increase community capacity.

Services include assisting with English language skills, building employment readiness and encouraging homework for school students.

“It is important that our newly arrived migrants have a strong connection and sense of belonging,” Mr Fletcher said.

“This program will help to build wellbeing, safety and prosperity – to the benefit not only of newly arrived migrants and refugees but also to our entire nation.”

A list of successful recipients will be available at www.grants.gov.au, pending grant agreement negotiations.