Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation supports consumer education on food waste

The Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) recently met to consider a range of food regulation matters, including food waste.

Forum Ministers noted the breadth and causes of the issue, along with initiatives that are currently being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and internationally to combat food waste.

In November 2017, Australia released the National Food Waste Strategy which aims to address food waste in all aspects of the food chain and is working towards halving Australia’s food waste by 2030. New Zealand has recently agreed to a targeted briefing into food waste also with goal of halving food waste by 2030.

The Forum agreed that consumer education initiatives and information through the food regulatory system can support the wider government initiatives to address food waste. Australia and New Zealand will continue to work together globally on food waste.

More information about this, and other key issues discussed at the Forum, is available in the communique on the food regulation website.

The Forum comprises all Australian and New Zealand Ministers responsible for food regulation and the Australian Local Government Association, and is chaired by Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenzie. The Forum oversees the collaborative joint Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation System. The next Forum meeting will be in December 2018.