Retirees encouraged to ‘get amongst it’ to stay active

An aging population brings with it increased responsibilities for local governments wanting to enhance the health and wellbeing of their community.

One way to do this is to encourage retirees to leave the comfort of their homes and take on activities that will keep them fit, stimulate their minds and expand their social contacts. Numerous studies have shown that these three focal points will maximise the chance of older people maintaining productive and healthy lives. Staying active in retirement maintains health and a good quality of life.

To facilitate this, a new Australian web-based resource has been developed. Life: get amongst it is a series of videos that not only lists what people can do in retirement but also shows them in detail how they can become involved in various activities. Organisations including the SES, Royal Botanic Gardens, Meals-on-Wheels, Bushcare, Men's Shed and Guide Dogs NSW have embraced the idea and feature in the videos.

The videos can be viewed here.

Around 30 videos will be produced over the next 12 months. Each will be 5-10 minutes long, will give a general background of the organisation, and will contain interviews with current participants to gauge their reasons for taking part in these activities.

Promotion of this initiative through local government newsletters, community notice boards and web sites will ensure the videos reach as many retirees as possible.

Further details can be obtained from Robert Simms at Life: get amongst it.

Phone 0299066116; 0402395543 or email