2019 NGA Competition – Veterans Support Initiative

In the majority of towns and cities within Australia there are memorials to veterans that have not returned home. A growing problem, however, continues to be the integration into the community of those that have returned from active service and have been affected by that service, whether it be physically or psychologically. Organisations such as Soldier On – the charity partner for the 2019 NGA – have been working with governments at all levels, as well as the public sector, to provide a hand up – not a hand out – to those that have been affected by their service.

Rod Farrar, the Director of Paladin Risk Management Services served in Iraq in 2004 and was significantly impacted by the experience. At the time of his return, support organisations were few, and were focussed on those that had returned from previous conflicts. Upon separating from the military, Rod sought treatment before commencing his business in 2007. For the past 5 years, Paladin has provided free courses to veterans who have been affected, to provide additional skills and a qualification to enhance their prospects of finding gainful employment post their service. This is but one service of many that companies provide to veterans through organisations such as Soldier On.

But more can be done.

To that end, as part of the partnership between Soldier On and Paladin Risk Management Services, Councils are invited to submit an overview of a new initiative for supporting veterans within their LGA that they will commit to for the 2019/20 financial year and beyond.

The initiative can be a one-off or can be an ongoing program but must fit within the Soldier On mantra of: a hand up not a handout. The key requirement for the initiative, therefore, is that it must involve veterans within the community in the organisation and conduct.

There are two prize categories.

Best Proposal
The Council judged to have the best proposal can choose from the following:

  • Conduct of a detailed maturity assessment on current risk management program within Council; or
  • Two day training course for up to 30 Council personnel.

Most Innovative Proposal
The Council judged to have the most innovative proposal can choose from the following:

  • Two days of risk management consultancy; or
  • One day training course for up to 30 Council personnel.

Submissions are to be received by Friday 7th June with the award recipients announced at the networking dinner at the War Memorial. The email address for submissions is rod@paladinrisk.com.au. Three personnel from Soldier On will judge the submissions.