PM reaffirms commitment to local government

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has reaffirmed his support for Australian councils, including his commitment to re-establishing the Australian Council of Local Government.

Speaking after his CEDA State of the Nation address in Canberra last week, the Prime Minister said he wanted to re-engage directly with local government.

“I believe, for example, that community infrastructure funding, whether it be for local roads or local facilities, things that will drive local jobs, should be determined at the local level,” said Prime Minister Albanese.

“And local government is in best position to do that because it is local government that elected representatives and have a much better idea of doing it than making decisions in Canberra or, for that matter, in state governments.”

“One of the things that we will be re-establishing is the Australian Council of Local Government, a body that brings together every local government, from memory there’s 537 in Australia, together with the national government to talk about how those priorities and programs can best be delivered.”

“I really look forward to my government re-engaging with local government. It is something that we’ve done – when you look at where effective programmes can be run, whether it’s in housing, in a range of areas as well, that direct engagement is so important.”

ALGA President Linda Scott said she was delighted to welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to re-establishing the Australian Council of Local Government.

“Alongside the nation’s 537 councils we look forward to working with the Albanese government to ensure the ACLG produces outcomes for the public good,” Cr Scott said.

“This announcement shows the respect our new federal government has for the hard work and commitment of Australia’s mayors, councillors and local government staff, and the value that we deliver every day for our communities.”