A sponsored article from e-mobility company SEA Electric

SEA Electric is shaping the future of Australian transport, with the world’s first true range of battery-electric trucks accelerating the transition to zero-emissions motoring.

Propelled by SEA Electric’s SEA-Drive® power-system, the patented technology is available in various performance and range packages, from 4.5 tonne car licence vehicles through to 22.5 tonne three-axle trucks for practically any final application.

Already across the country, SEA Electric’s products have been deployed with governments and municipalities in a range of roles, including as tipper trucks, garbage trucks, work trucks, and elevated work platforms. All are made at the company’s plant in Melbourne.

The SEA Electric package is the best performing and most efficient and offers peak value for money in the EV space.

In addition to the clear environmental positives of switching to electric power, there are also significant financial and workplace health and safety benefits for operators of SEA Electric vehicles.

Minimal maintenance requirements mean less service downtime, the trucks produce zero carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions, and drivers benefit from the lack of fumes, noise, and vibrations associated with diesel trucks.

Founded in Australia and now with a presence on five continents, SEA Electric’s technology has been proven in the field with millions of kilometres of real-world use.

Future-proofed with an upgradable plug-and-play architecture, the SEA-Drive® power system can be charged using the world’s largest charging network, with the onboard equipment set up for 415V three-phase power.

The SEA Electric range is available from a nationwide network of dealerships, comes with full factory warranties, service and parts support, and is wholly backed by NTI Ltd’s 24/7 Truck Roadside Assistance program.

SEA Electric is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of NGA 2022, with the company’s display featuring multiple examples of the latest technology that is ready to deploy now.

To experience the SEA Electric difference for yourself, please register for our Ride & Drive Experience at the NGA 2022 via this site.