AARB’s NetRisk2 ‘a game-changer for road safety’

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is offering a new road safety tool to support councils and road managers achieve Vision Zero.

Vision Zero is a principle that assumes human beings are fallible and that road infrastructure and traffic policies should be designed to reduce the harm caused when travellers, especially motor vehicle drivers, inevitably make mistakes.

ARRB’s NetRisk2 is a web-based tool that combines multiple road risk assessment models into one interface, allowing a step-change in the way high-risk roads are prioritised for treatment.

It is aimed primarily at councils, asset owners, and road agencies.

Among other features, the ARRB tool allows councils and road managers to test the impact that road improvements and changes – like road widening, wide centre line markings, and clearing roadsides of obstructions – will have on road safety before work begins.

ARRB is offering to demonstrate NetRisk2 to all those interested in using a targeted, cost-effective, data-driven approach to deliver safer road infrastructure to their communities. Click here to register an interest.