Additional funding for research on bushfire impacts on wildlife

The Federal Government has announced an additional $2 million in scientific research through the Threatened Species Recovery Hub to help guide wildlife recovery efforts and habitat rehabilitation strategies following Australia’s bushfire crisis.

“I have approved the funding as part of the National Environmental Science Program via the University of Queensland to assist with on-ground post fire surveys, the monitoring of species recovery, reviews of species and ecosystem responses to fire and management actions, and the assessment of fire impacts on invertebrate species,” Minister for Environment, the Hon Sussan Ley, said.

Professor Dickman, from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Science, estimated in January that more than 1 billion animals were killed nationally in the bushfires.

“It’s a monstrous event in terms of geography and the number of individual animals affected,” he said. The Threatened Species Recovery Hub includes a range of Australia’s best landscape ecologists and has strong partnerships with more than 200 on-ground partner organisations, including all levels of government, communities and industry.