Advice for councils on keeping myGovID safe and secure

The Australian Tax Office is advising local governments that myGOvid will expire on a specific device if it hasn’t been used for an extended period.

This is a mechanism designed to enhance online security and identity protection.

Many local councils have a myGovID identity to access a wide range of government online services, including Services Australia and the ATO.

Regularly opening the app on a device every six months or so will keep myGovID from expiring.

When myGovID expires, a user’s access to a specific device will be removed. However, their profile will remain. To continue using myGovID on a device, users will need to re-verify their identity with their existing details. 

Using a current email address in the myGovID app is important as users need access to this mailbox to re-verify their identity. To update an email, go to “My identity” in your myGovID app.

Users won’t need to access their original email address when updating provided they still have access to their myGovID app.

Users who no longer have access to your myGovID app and original email address, can phone 1300 287 539 for assistance.

Setting up myGovID again using a different email address is not advised as this could lock the myGovID app. Click here for more information.