And the band played on: LG rotundas are still prized assets

Many fines example of rotundas, or circular band-stands, are to be found in urban or regional local government areas of Australia.

Much used in days gone by, these rotundas are a fond reminder of a gentler era when local communities would be treated to a band or orchestra recital on a Sunday afternoon.

Amateur historian Norman Connellan well remembers those earlier recitals and says many rotundas built in the 20th century or earlier remain in good condition.

“Many would rightly qualify for heritage listing, something councils might care to consider,” he says.

“It may be too much to hope that those recitals could be resurrected, but rotundas remain a valuable community asset.

“Their great variety of distinctive designs help decorate local environments, and they add greatly to the amenity of local parks and gardens,” he said.

Mr Connellan is gathering information on existing rotundas in Australia and is asking for local government help.

He is particularly interested in photographs and any pertinent detail of those rotundas still existing or which may have existed in a local government area. 

Mr Connellan can be contacted at or by phoning 0437 773 176.

There is no commercial objective in this project and all information received will be acknowledged or attributed and made available on request.