Chester’s flanking manoeuvre to save ‘Anzac’ from chancers

Local governments are being reminded of federal regulations regarding the use (and misuse) of the word “Anzac” in the lead-up to this year’s Anzac Day.

The Commonwealth’s “Protection of Word ‘Anzac’ Regulations (1921) were put in place to ensure the word was treated with dignity and respect; they outline how, where, and when the word “Anzac” may be used.

The regulations forbid the word being used to sell or produce goods, or for fundraising, exhibitions, games, and sporting events.

In a recent letter to ALGA, Veterans’ Affairs Minister Darren Chester said: “The word ‘Anzac’ has a unique place within Australian culture as it relates to the bravery and self-sacrifice of the Anzacs who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

“In response to Covid-19 restrictions in place around Anzac Day 2020, Australians sought to commemorate the day in new and innovative ways.

“Whilst the intent of these initiatives was admirable, in some instances the Department received complaints from the public regarding inappropriate use of the word ‘Anzac’. “

Mr Chester said the Regulations and associated guidelines are on DVA’s website – as is a form for official permission to use the word “Anzac”.

There is no cost to apply for a permit.