City of Casey on a global mission to improve CRM procurement

The City of Casey Council wants local government’s help in making procuring an enterprise CRM a “shorter, more rigorous process for organisations globally”.

“Our goal is to include the evidence-based survey in our requirements phase to ensure anecdotal opinions no longer sway in CRM procurement,” the Melbourne suburban council says.

To do this, the council-designed project will convert observations about CRM purchase and implementation from survey participants around the world into a valid sample that can assist local governments to purchase their CRM software more carefully and expeditiously.

MAV Technology, an advisory group of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), is also asking Local Government ICT Network partner associations in Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand to take part in the survey.

The survey results will be published in full under a Creative Commons Attribution license. 

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